4 Safety Items Your Teen Motocross Enthusiast Needs

Posted on: 19 May 2016

If your teenager has recently added motocross to their list of interests, you may have concerns about their safety. The truth is, motocross can be quite safe as long as your teen is taught how to ride their bike by an expert and has appropriate safety gear. If you want to help support their interest in motocross while also helping to ensure their safety, make sure they have these four important safety items:

Motocross Boots

High quality boots designed specifically for motocross are a must. These motocross boots gaerne offer significantly more foot and leg protection in the event of a crash than other types of boots, while also incorporating flexibility. Many motocross boots even come with antibacterial, breathable lining which can help prevent your teen from experiencing Athlete's foot and discomfort.

Chest Protector Vest

A chest protector vest will fit over your teen's jacket, protecting their torso. These vests are designed to protect internal organs and minimize impact if your teen gets in a crash. This can be the difference between a crash that isn't very serious, and one that leads to major injury, a hospital visit, or even worse.

Motocross Helmet

A quality motocross helmet ensures that if your teen gets into an accident while riding motocross, their head will be protected. Don't rely on skateboarding or bicycle helmets: your teen needs a helmet specifically designed for motocross or dirt biking, as these helmets provide additional protection to the face and chin and often incorporate visors to keep sun and dust out of your teen's eyes. It's a good idea to try these on in person until you find one that fits your teen perfectly.

Hydration Pack

Long days of riding motocross in the hot sun can easily lead to dehydration if your teenager isn't adequately prepared. A lightweight hydration pack worn on the body is the ideal solution because they can take a drink of water whenever they need to without having to stop and get off of their bike. Remind your teen of the importance of drinking water throughout the day, and explain that if they ever feel dizzy or lightheaded it's critical to take a break to drink water and rest until they feel better.

By ensuring that your teenager has the right motocross safety gear, you can help keep them safe on the trails and gain a lot of peace of mind regarding their new hobby.