5 Must-Have Accessories Every Off-Roading ATV Rider Must Have

Posted on: 14 June 2016

Owning your own ATV gives you the advantage of exploring those places where not so many have gone before, but just because most ATVs are built for off-road adventures, it does not mean they are perfectly equipped with everything to make the trip more enjoyable. The fact is, when it comes to ATVs, there is always room for improvement. If you want to transform your boring ATV into an off-road beast, there are five simple accessories you should make sure you check out.

1. LED Light Bar - The ATV headlights you have may be pretty efficient, but there is no way they can compete with an ATV light bar. Light bars have several rows of powerful LED lights, which are energy efficient and produce an evenly spread illumination that will light up shadowed areas.

2. Tow Hook - Most ATVs have some component beneath that allows a tow line to be connected, but many don't have a specifically designated spot. Attaching a tow hook to the front of the frame makes it easier for you to be towed by another driver in the event you get stuck in deep mud or over a slope. Plus, with the tow hook being located in the front, hookups will be an easier feat.

3. Retractable Winch - If you run across another ATV rider that needs help out of a sticky situation, having a retractable winch equipped will be incredibly convenient. Furthermore, a retractable winch will allow you to hook up to a stable tree during steep declines for an added level of stability.

4. Spot Light - Using an ATV in the middle of a dark forest at night means that there will always be times when you need to see as far ahead of you as possible to estimate your terrain or find a path. A good spotlight gives you an even further line of site than your headlights or even a light bar.

5. Wheel Spacers - Give your ATV a wider stance for a wider traction base and a better center of gravity with wheel spacers. Wheel spacers are installed between the tire and the axle to extend the wheels outward. This is a pretty simple job, but the transformation after the task is complete is quite impressive and you will not only have an ATV that looks bigger, but has a totally new level of control when you ride. 

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