4 Ways to Take Care of Your Motorcycle's Engine

Posted on: 10 August 2018

If you just recently purchased a motorcycle, you are going to want to learn how to take care of your motorcycle's engine. Taking good care of your motorcycle's engine will help keep your motorcycle in good working order.

#1 Air Filter

Your motorcycle engine has an air filter. The air filter helps keep dirt and dust out of your engine. When dirt and dust get into your motorcycle's engine, it will not perform as well. Check the motorcycle engine air filter on a regular basis. When you notice that the filter is starting to get clogged, swap it out for a new one. Swapping out the air filter on a regular basis is one way to boast the performance of your motorcycle engine.

#2 Spark Plugs

When you check your motorcycle's spark plugs, always use a can of compressed air to clean around the spark plugs before you pull them out. This will help keep dirt from getting into your engine when you are checking and changing the spark plugs on your motorcycle.

If your motorcycle is losing power or is difficult to start, or you are experiencing engine misfires, you may have a bad spark plug. If the spark plug looks worn out or damaged, swap it out for a new one.

#3 Chain

The chain on your motorcycle has a very important function. The chain on your motorcycle helps transfer power from the engine of your motorcycle to the rear wheel. You need to keep the chain that runs between the engine and the rear tires clean. Keeping the chain clean will help protect the function of your engine and your tires. Keeping the chain clean will also help protect you as a rider.

At least twice a month, you should check the engine chain on your motorcycle. Clean it off and wipe it down. If it is loose, tighten it up. Always keep the engine chain clean and tight in order to ensure that you stay safe on the road by giving your rear tire the power that it needs.

#4 Oil

The engine oil helps keep your motorcycle engine cool and helps seal up the pistons. It also helps reduce the noise that your engine makes. The oil has to be just right in order to function properly. You don't want the oil to be too thin or too thick. You can keep the oil at the right consistency by changing your oil at the recommended mileage. If you tend to retire your motorcycle over the winter months, you should change the oil again before you start riding again in the spring.

Take care of your new motorcycle by checking and changing out the air filter when it starts to get dirty, inspecting and cleaning the chain at least two times per month, changing out spark plugs when necessary, and changing out the oil on schedule or after long periods of not using your bike. If you're looking to purchase one, check out local motor sports stores that has pre owned motorcycles.