4 Things To Consider When Buying Your First ATV

Posted on: 27 March 2019

Just like buying a car, buying an ATV should include quite a bit of research before any purchase is made. Here, you'll find a bit of information that'll help you end up with the ATV that you'll not only enjoy riding but that you'll also be able to afford to maintain and repair over the years.

Type of ATV

What kind of ATV riding will you be doing? Do you plan to hit the track and rip it up, or will you be bogging around in the muddy woods? The type of riding that you'll be doing will play a big part in determining what type of machine that you'll need. If you're looking for speed and getting air, you won't want a 4x4 utility ATV.


Not all ATVs are equipped with reverse as an option. If the machine doesn't have reverse, you will have to maintain the physical ability to pull the ATV backwards if you find yourself pinned against a tree or other obstacle. If you are not physically equipped to do so, you'll want to find an ATV that does have reverse.

Part Prices

You will need to replace parts as they break and as the ATV is used. Air filters, oil filters, brakes, tires and the clutch are the most commonly replaced items for maintenance reasons. Take the time to look up the prices for all of the maintenance parts to ensure that you'll have the funds to pay for the necessary parts when the time comes. Some makes and models are much cheaper to maintain than the others, so some research is needed before you buy anything.


Many ATVs come with a factory warranty, but what that warranty will cover and how long it lasts will vary. If you plan on making a bunch of upgrades to the machine, a warranty may not be something that you'll need to worry about- many aftermarket parts may void the warranty protection. Read through the fine print before you purchase an extended warranty or make a buying decision based on the warranty that is offered.

Gear Up

There is a lot of gear for you to pick and choose from, but the first things that you should invest in is a good helmet, goggles, boots, and gloves. Your personal safety should take priority over everything else. After you've collected the bare necessities, look into back, neck, and shoulder protection.

Talk with the ATV salesperson you're working with. He or she will assist you with finding the perfect ATV for your needs and your budget. For more information, check out companies like Tuff ATV's