Pros And Cons Of Front Storage On Your Side By Side

Posted on: 17 September 2019

Buying aftermarket products to install on your new side by side UTV is always a fun process, as you'll get to think carefully about how you plan to use the vehicle and then choose products that will support you. If you expect to frequently be carrying supplies or equipment when you use your side by side, you'll want to ensure that you have adequate storage space. One option will be to buy a front storage rack and mounts over the hood. Here are some pros and cons of this accessory.

Pro: You Can Keep An Eye On Your Items

Many people store what they're carrying in a storage rack behind where they sit, but the problem with this location is that it's not visible. This means that if you're driving across bumpy terrain in your side by side, you might worry about things falling off the storage rack, and spend a lot of time slowing or stopping and checking your load behind you. With front storage, you'll always be able to keep an eye on what you're carrying.

Con: It Can Block Your Vision

Obviously, you'll want to avoid piling your front storage rack too high with your gear, as doing so could potentially block your ability to see what's in front of you. You always want to be able to look not only well ahead of where you intend to drive, but also to the ground directly in front of you so that you can navigate around rocks, holes, and other obstacles. With too many things stored in this position, it may be hard to do so.

Pro: You Can Retrieve Things Quickly

Another advantage of storing what you're carrying on the storage rack in front of the driver's compartment is that you can grab whatever you need with ease. While you'll want to stop your side by side before doing so, it will then be possible to simply reach into the storage area to retrieve something that you're carrying. This is faster than having to get out of the side by side and move to the rear storage.

Con: You Could Run Over Something

If something falls off a rear storage rack because you didn't properly secure it, it will fall to the ground behind your vehicle. And, while it might be some time before you realize what has happened, the object may simply by laying somewhere on your route for you to go find. An object that falls off the front of a side by side while you're driving is at risk of you running it over, which could be problematic depending on the nature of the item.

Side by sides are, by nature, fun vehicles. Despite some of the drawbacks, it may be worthwhile to invest in a front storage rack for any of your side by sides to increase your enjoyment.