Seven Accessories That Optimize ATV Comfort

Posted on: 11 October 2021

There are a lot of useful ATV accessories out there that can make your ride much more comfortable. Being more comfortable makes ATV riding more fun and allows you to make longer trips without experiencing too much fatigue.

The following are seven great accessories that optimize ATV comfort.


Goggles are important accessories when it comes to both comfort and safety. Goggles ensure good visibility and protect your eyes from irritation caused by bits of dirt or mud that can fly up from the trail. Even the wind alone can cause eyes to tear up so that you can't see as well. This is especially true when you're moving at fairly high speeds. 

Dust mask

A dust mask protects your nose and mouth from irritation while you're riding. Dust masks can also make it easier for you to breathe while you're riding. Even if you don't want to use a dust mask all the time, it's a good idea to keep this accessory in your storage box so that you can use it when you're riding through particularly sandy or dusty areas. 


Having a cooler along can make your trips a bit more luxurious. There's nothing like being able to drink a cold, refreshing beverage when you've stopped for a break in a scenic spot. 

Sound System

Music lovers will really appreciate having a sound system built into their ATV. It can be hard to hear your music above the noise of your engine, but a good sound ensures that you can hear all your favorite tunes. 

Grips with a Heating Feature

Even if you're wearing gloves, your hands can get cold when you're riding in winter weather. You'll really appreciate having heated grips in the cold. This is especially true if you live in an area where winter temperatures dip especially low.


Anyone who has been riding for a good amount of time has experienced the unpleasant feeling of branches and other obstructions striking against the knuckles while riding. Fortunately, a handguard can conveniently prevent this from happening. 

First Aid Kit

Packing a first aid kit is important for both safety and comfort. You're going to be a lot more comfortable with a first aid kit along if you experience minor injuries like bug bites or cuts. First aid kits allow you to quickly patch up a minor injury so you can get on with enjoying your ride. 

For more information on ATV accessories, visit a local outdoor sporting goods store.