Three Windshield Options For Your Side By Side

Posted on: 4 February 2022

One of the many important topics to think about when you shop for a new side by side is what type of windshield you want this vehicle to have. It should quickly become apparent to you as you browse different models that there are several windshield configurations that are available. Thinking about how you'll use your vehicle and the conditions in which you'll use it can help you to understand what windshield option will be the best fit for you. Here are three windshield options that are often available when you buy a new side by side.

Full Windshield 

A lot of people favor a full windshield for their side by side. This is a windshield that provides complete coverage of this space in front of the vehicle's cockpit, extending from the hood to the roll bar/frame overhead. If you expect that you'll do a lot of riding in cold or inclement weather, having a full windshield will block the wind, rain, and snow to help keep you somewhat warm and dry. It also serves as an effective barrier against mud, which can be an issue when you're traveling closely behind another off-road vehicle in a muddy area.

Half Windshield

You'll also see a lot of side by sides that have half windshields. This means that there's a small windshield that covers the bottom half of the opening in front of the cockpit, leaving the upper half open. A big reason that lots of riders choose this windshield configuration is that they'll get to enjoy the feeling of the fresh air on them while they ride. The half windshield will help to block some of the mud from riders in front of you, but you'll likely want to wear goggles if you choose this windshield configuration to keep the mud out of your eyes while riding.

Hybrid Windshield

As its name suggests, a hybrid windshield is an option that has similarities with both a full windshield and a half windshield. Hybrid windshields for side by sides are hinged. You have the ability to fold the upper half up to create a full windshield, or to fold it down to create a half windshield. The biggest advantage of choosing a hybrid windshield is that you can adjust it based on the conditions in which you're riding. On a day with good weather, you might fold the upper half down to enjoy the breeze in your face. When the weather turns bad, you can fold the upper half up to offer better coverage.

Learn about each of these windshield options at your local side-by-side dealership.