Photography has been a fun & important part of my life as far back as I can remember. From my sweet Grandmother standing in the middle of our tiny local parade, waving to catch each and every person participating and take their photograph, to all the wonderful photo books my Mom took the time to put together for us to cherish forever. I remember taking one of my Mother’s old cameras to my first 4-H camp and coming home with 5 rolls of film… once developed they revealed leaves, dirt, flowers, and more dirt. I looked through those pictures and thought, wow I should have taken more pictures of people and faces. And so it all began. I continued through my life being an avid scrapbooker and lover of documenting and catching those memories that I wanted to hold on to forever. However with the birth of my first beautiful baby, came the deep desire to learn more and strive to become better at taking the actual pictures. I started to see the world differently, and now just a simple ride in the car is an exciting chance for me to imagine great photo ideas; I see beautiful light and think about shooting, and now everywhere around me all I see are fabulous locations for my next session. I can’t help but see the world through my viewfinder.

Although I absolutely adore capturing priceless moments for my own family, as well as for others, my love for being in FRONT of the camera isn’t quite as strong. With that being said, believe me when I say I was beyond hesitant to share an image of me with the world. However, I truly believe that a very important part of choosing a photographer is choosing someone you connect with. Whose style you love and whose work & images speak to you. Someone you can relate too. I think it helps to have an image of that person in front of you to connect the words with a face, and now you know the face behind the lens.


So let me give a quick introduction to you:

  • Hi my name is Nicole Martin
  • I turned the BIG 3-0 this year, and am excited to see where the thirties take me.
  • My hot cowboy of a man and I will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary in 2012.   (He has put up with me that long)
  • I have 3 beautiful, sweet yet sassy children, and I am grateful to be their mother every day!
  • I may or may not have an addiction to Lofthouse Cookies.
  • I can’t stand ankle socks… how do people wear them!?
  • Spiders are my enemy.
  • I love being a country girl.


It is about preserving memories and freezing the tender phases 

of life you only experience once…and pass all too quickly. 

The smiles. The laughter. The tears. The memories. The details.

The moments that define each of us.


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